Monday, March 22, 2010

Friend Makin Mondays

Friend Makin Monday:: Spring!

Have not done this in awhile so I decided to participate today....arent I just the bloggy overachiever today..(does this make up for my slacking?? please say yes)

Welcome back to another week of Friend Makin Monday!! Friend Makin Mondays is a fun post that really just connects people through a series of random questions or thoughts from me to you. For more information visit Amber in all her fabulous-ness here

and so we shall begin.....Today's post is about SPRING (Don't the pretty colors make you feel all light and breezy already?) wish I could say I am joining you but seeing as snow has been falling all weekend I am having to pretend....

1. Favorite things about Spring:

I love green things growing, windows down and happy music played wayyy to loud. I love capri pants, flip flops and being able to take outdoor pics of the dreamer, the diva, and the prince.

sitting on our favorite place in the world. Our trampoline

The belly laughs this kid emits when she is carefree and enjoying herself fills the park and my heart...

right now they actually like each other for the most part. and I love seeing them playing together.

2. What I'm doing for Spring Break:

I am thinking that it needs to have a name change. Cause really guys, what the heck am I getting a break from? It should be called something else. Cause all I can think of is how I want to scream

3. Favorite Spring flower:

I have severe allergies and horrible asthma. So While I love spring. I REALLY HATE IT. And I have no concept of what season what flower grows in. Sorry to let you down. I just don't care enough to research it. Ask me how to seperate laundry or how to tell if your dog is pregnant again for the fourth time and I can help you out. flowers. not so much! I do love Lili's and Iris' Does that count?

4. Do you have a garden?

I have the mess of greenery and neglected weeks that the owners before me so lovingly spent their sweat on and I destroyed. It is on the to do list. Right after learning to change the oil...Not to bright a prospect for that one.

5. If so, what do you grow.

Here at our house we grow babies and puppies. And hopefully I am done "growing" the number of  both and can just focus on the pleanty that I have.

6. Do you do Spring cleaning?

I would like to say that I do. I do have a to do list with lots of spring cleaning on it. That does not mean it gets done on a regular basis. I did do ALL my laundry today as well as take everything out of the fridge, clean out closets and wipe down baseboards. Does that count?

7. What is your weather *really* like right now? {Just b/c it's "officially" spring, doesn't mean that it feels like it for some of you}

see below

8. Snapped any weather related photos lately? Share one with us!


9. What's your favorite thing to do on a sunny afternoon?

There is a park close to our house and I love to walk (and pretend to run) it is freeing and theraputic to turn on a fast upbeat song and just not think about all that I have to do. Nights are spent on the trampoline unwinding. mellow music, fireflies and a glass of Lambrusco.

10. Favorite TV show right now?

I love so many it's hard to list them all. Some favs right now are Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty, General Hospital, Kendra, Bad Girls Club, Nancy Grace, Gene Simmons Family Jewels and so many others.

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Not me Monday

So it's time for another Not Me Monday post. The idea is simple.

I tell you about my day. But I say Not me.....but it really IS me...

you following me?

So here goes.

Today I did NOT have severe RedBox Rage at Wal-Mart (for those of you that don't have RedBox it's this box and it's red and you can get movies for a buck a night.)

And in theory it is a great and wonderful thing. I have to stop myself from going most days because unless it is a Tuesday when the new releases come out I have seen everything in it already.
Anyway, back to today.

I have no patience for mundane tasks, I really don't. And everyone knows the RedBox is slow as a snail anyway and that there is only one and that there will be a long line if you dont HURRY...keyword folks...

Well, today the lady (and her mother, and her mother's biker boyfriend, and the offspring she had not bathed in a week and was completely ignoring the whole 20 minutes she was there) had to stop and click on the movie detail link

really? So when she decided she was gonna get a certain one, but her prepaid Child Support Visa card did not work (no judgement here... I know what it was cause I have one, it's a card that they direct deposit your child support onto instead of sending out checks) she had to go out to the car to get her "other" credit card.

and i did NOT rent the movie she wanted. and it was NOT the last one. Teaches her to take forever huh.

and I am NOT trying to sit through the Spanish speaking only version of Broken Embraces...and it sounds like it is such a good movie if I only knew what they were saying.

Today I did NOT finally get to sleep at 6am. I tried a new diet pill and man, did it woop my tail. Why I am still up at 11pm (and little man, who is the only kid at home, is already asleep) this is bloggy dedication...

Today I did NOT watch the whole current season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels....yes. I said it. Gene Simmons.

Okay, so they are not Run's House or the Cosby's. But they are endearing and it's fun to watch. And hey, I could have said I was watching one of those VH1 Real whatever of love show that is on at the moment.

It dawned on me today, while I was on the phone with my cousin Lisa that typically I do NOT like three types of shows. I am obsessed with either




Let me pause this post by saying that I am SO IN LOVE with Dr. Drew. Really, it's not healthy how much I adore this man. I was this way with Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnon for awhile...just sayin...

Does that say volumes about me or what??? Glad the saying is not you are what you watch... LOL.

I also did NOT go alittle nuts on today. I did NOT buy this and I am NOT so pumped about it.

How cute and fitting is this! I can't wait to pu tit up...

and so now it is bedtime. It's so nice to share all my day and the things I did NOT do...Now I have nothing to feel guilty for :) Goodnight my bloggy friends.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mommy's little man

My son is a character. He has these precious skinny little fingers that wake me by rubbing my cheek and these chocolatey eyes that melt you when they shine on you. His angelic little voice says "I lub you girl" when I groggily open my eyes. This kid is already a heartbreaker.

As much as I love his kisses, I love to hear him talk. He has his own language and I have decided to decode it for you....

and so I present the world according to Isaiah...

Emmy Boo Boo~Emory Brewer (what he calls his sister)
Scooby Snacks~anything snack related (mainly fruit snacks)
Ickabella~Isabella (his girlfriend at school)
Pood~food (he is skinny but this kid can eat)
Chicken and a Toy~Chicken McNugget Happy Meal (but only from McDonald's)
Cuppy and a Coke~Something (anything but water) to drink in his favorite cup

Food~Scooby Snacks and Honeybuns
TV Show~Scooby Doo, Fat Albert, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Wow Wow Wubzy, and Dora the Explorer
Song~Theme songs to Scooby Doo and Fat Albert

Only drinks from a certain kind of sippy cup, Enjoys sitting in large tupperware tubs, playing with this ratty old Scooby Doo dog, and Hates to be told no.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tanya Tucker, Introducing Lisa and a Moon that is not so new

This weekend has been a mix of meloncholy, missing Ryan, awesome family and some Tanya Tucker.... I really had planned on staying home all weekend and hanging with the kids. But by mid-friday I saw that I was gonna be childless, Elaine was calling, and I had to plan my midnight trip to Wal-Mart to buy  meKaileigh New Moon (which I have watched three times since I got it)


Knowing that the movie was coming out was the meloncholy part for me for several reasons. It had been building up for awhile, the nervousness of knowing certain feelings were gonna come back and that it was gonna make me go back to the night that Ryan and I sat in the movie theater holding hands watching it.  I was so happy that night. The first time I saw Twilight was right after Dan had moved out and I was so completely blown away by this tragic, complicated, and intense love story that I so badly wanted to find for myself. I must have watched that movie on repeat for three weeks straight. I watched it until I was so sick of it and then I watched it again. I woke up to that horrible music that the main menu was on and I vividly remember the feeling of my breath catching in my throat during the love scenes.

It is kind of ironic that I am reliving my obsession with the second installment of the movie at a time when I am breaking up and getting over Ryan. doesnt help that more than once (cheesy as this sounds) Ryan was jokingly refered to as "my Edward" my dark, mysterious, brooding boyfriend that just made me feel like I was beautiful and wanted and loved. In a way that I really needed to be loved. And I am sad. And I have good days and bad days and although the worst is over I am not "over" it fully. But I will be.

I knew the night was gonna be crappy if I sat at home and relived the movie alone so when the kids were gone and Elaine called, I just had to go with it and kidnap her. So she rode back with me to Bentonville. And we met up with her friends, and where did we go.


Why is it that everyone wants to sing The Rose (and it is never a Beaches moment) or how about Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" (I could never get drunk enough to fully sit through that) or an all time favorite Tanya Tucker (which Jesska, Elaine's friend did sing, but since it was her birthday I let it slide) I laughed so hard (and suprisingly did not get drunk since I was driving) it was just fun fun fun with a girl that has been a bestie of mine for 20 years. Not alot of your friends go back since you were 11 years old (thank goodness, that girl knows waaaay to much to NOT be my friend)

They started out with The Donna's "Take It Off" which was fun. Since I was not drinking I did not have liquid courage I did no least not on stage. :)
And then somehow she moved on to Tanya Tucker...but it was her birthday so we forgave her and played along...
Not too sure where Elaine was looking...she kind of has a drifting eye in this pic
Group shot of the whole gang. Me, Elaine, Jesska, and Marissa (I was jealous of her coveralls, that was what I wanted to wear)
I dragged Elaine (who was intoxicated) to Wal-Mart in Missourri at midnight so that I could truthfully admit to Kaileigh that  I she is the proud owner of New Moon


onto today....It does not feel like a Saturday. I almost titled this weekend wrap up but the weekend has only just begun. It was Emory's testing day at Kuk Sool. She has a white belt and was testing for her yellow stripe. I was so proud of her she was so strong and confident and so darn cute...

She is now the proud white belt with a pretty yellow stripe on it.. YEAH REE REE!!

I have not really posted lately on much else except for my pathetic attempt to get over Ryan so let me take a second to update you on my biological family and a member that i am getting to know. Let me introduce you to my cousin Lisa.

Lisa is alot like me. In her pics I see the eyes that so obviously I got from my mother's side of the family. Her voice is warm and her laughter fills the airwaves. She is a mommy to three boys and she has this easy going confidence and stunning prescence that I can't imagine what is like in person cause she is so powerful from afar. You can look at her baby's pics and just see how loved they are by her. She is fiercely proud of the family that she tells me all about and suprisingly we talk everyday. Texts, emails, phone calls, facebook friends....she is fast becoming one of my closest friends and someone I rely on. She is calm and funny and puts absolutely no pressure on me to be anything but me. It's really nice.

I love it that we are just normal and healthy. I love that we don't talk about people but that I get to ask questions and feel so totally at ease with her. We talk about life and our kids and growing up (both then and now). She is just a very good friend to me. and the fact that she is my cousin, my blood just makes it so much more special to me. And I am trying really hard to learn lessons I messed up the first time around so I feel like this is just the beginning for us.

Well, it's late and tommorrow is another day. Church and hopefully a run not to mention a few loads of laundry...and even though I am sad there is a certain relationship I just can't seem to get right, and even though I really miss Ryan, I am seeing how many truely wonderful relationships I do have (both old and new) and it is just going to keep getting better....

So meet Lisa

What do you think, do we look alike?

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

where you are, whoever you are. I am praying for you.....

I wanna be the one who knows everything about you

I wanna be the one who’s always on your mind
I wanna be the one to get all of your affection and attention
You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for, for all this time

And I can’t imagine anything, anything better than

Someday falling in love with you
Holding your hand
Making our plans all come true
Someday under a sky so blue

I’ll give you my heart
Our story will start

Someday soon

I wanna be the one who does everything with you
Watching stars, washing cars, taking walks, going to the store
I wanna be the one who gets to change her last name someday
To something that sounds something more like yours

Yeah I’ll be telling you I love you

On a picture perfect day
And those words inside my head
They sound like angels singing praise
It’s what I was made to say

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RPatz, my a-ha moment, and did i really say that?

So, overall the past couple of days have been rocking. In a "just getting through the day I'm so sad" kind of way. Meloncholy me, that is what I have been. I will explain more in a bit.

This was a kid-less weekend for me. I do struggle with those when I am all alone (meaning boy or husband less) and since that seems to be my forseeable future this being my first, I was scared of the happening..

Friday night I hung out with Alicia Sue. She is so very funny. We went to her mom's house and talked about life and love and what the heck were we thinking moments we have done over the last 7 years. So much fun, that girl is. And her mom is a hoot too. I have never been able to talk to my mom like that. Heck. sometimes it's hard to talk to either one of them so it is always fascinating to me when i stumble apon that sweet open mommy-daughter thing. The kind of "thing" I dream of for me and my babies.

Saturday, I awoke having spent the night in her daughter Lilli's princess room to a long uncertain day. What the heck would I do to pass the time? On the way home I spotted a antique store and ventured in. It was called Precious Cargo and boy was there ever! That is how I ended up with this

Since having four dogs, two beta fish, three kids leaves me feeling like I don't have to take care of we are now the ecstatic owner of a parakeet. Jonas.

Emory named him. You can use your imagination on how she came up with the name. Ugh! a bird.

help me lord!

Saturday night was fun enough I suppose. We got all dolled up and I tried out the new hair. We went to the usual haunts. Cowboy, Bobbisox, and the Spanish speaking concert where Alicia's husband was doing security. I hardly had a think to drink, saw Ryan's mom and ran out of there as fast as I walked in, and was at home in bed by midnight. But I was out. NOT missing Ryan. looking pretty getting hit on and best of all I was laughing. really hard laughing. it was much needed easy going fun.

Sunday was a mommy-daughter time of my own you could say. Kaileigh and I decided to go see the new Robert Pattinson movie

I am not a big movie person. I have been to quite a few lately but pretty much this man has been in everyone (well, 2 of 4) and I really did not know what this movie was about. The last ten minutes had me boohooing so hard I was glad there was only 5 people in the theater (me kaileigh and her friend being three of the 5) It was SO good. go see it. Thought it was gonna be about him. and her.  But it really is not. It's about not dealing with pain, not knowing how to anyways, and the aftermath of trying to just get by after a tragedy. It's about complex relationships and what do you do when they are broken down and toxic and yet important and impactful in the long haul. It's about the crappy things that happen to us all but yet we still find some way to see the good in it all.

Didnt see that coming did you?!?

This man is so occupying my dreams right now. I know that is silly and a lot of people don't like the whole need a shower look but I really dig him. It's the dark, mysterious,brooding thing I am guessing. Sucker for a guy with a thought or two. And for some reason everytime I am going through a break up he pops up. When Dan and I split up Twilight came out and I wept and watched the dang thing for days. Now New Moon comes out and it doesnt help that I went with Ryan to go see it in the theater. Ugh. the angst.

Monday I went out to lunch with Xtina and her man and her man's friend. An odd sort of lunch date and I made her sit by me so I would not have to sit by him. And then I proceeded to insult him and dig my whole further and further so that if at any point in the lunch he wanted to see me again. well. lets just say not so much. He asked me when I was gonna take him to the movies. I told him November never. I said that I seemed to be a loser magnet and that from now on I am going to be picky.
 I have been asked out three times in the last week and a half and while I have been tempted to say hell no almost every time I was polite. rude and obnoxious and basically said hell no.

What is wrong with me?!

opps! This time I really did not mean to say it LIKE that. what I meant to say was that I often say yes on impulse before getting to know the guy then fall madly in love with the VERY WRONG sort of guy. case in point. Ryan. I am going to take two months. two months of no guys and no dates and no pressure. Just me. and the babies, and maybe some long nights on the trampoline....

 Just now I started to go into this long drawn out explanation of all the things he did and all the ways I was wronged. and you know what.....It's just over. and he was JUST WRONG for me. or I was wrong for him. It was fun for a time and then it just wasnt and like all things Wendy I am making it into more than it is or was. He is not the last guy I will ever feel for. my a-ha moment came and today was a great day.

Today was a parent teacher conference and a good workout at the gym. Kuk Sol with Emory, rented movies with Kaileigh Shay and all of us are happily chomping away on some Subway. Volunteering tommorow in the thriving metropolis of Lowell doing who knows what. Giving back to my community you could say.

So goodnight my bloggy friends

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Friday, March 12, 2010

shave and a haircut...but without the shave

Okay, so I will not lie. I would LOVE to shave my head....

and I have done it before. In beauty school I took the clippers and the number 4 guard and cut a patch in my head. So of course my bestie Alicia HAD to fix it for me. And it's been game over ever since.

Me and Miss Alicia Sue

And ever since (7 years now) I have let her have my way with me..well, with my hair. I have had the not so good (blue bangs was not the best decision I have ever made) and then some that I LOVE...this curly hairdo being one of them

so anyway. yesterday. and the hair cut. i went from hair like this

to a short shabby cut like this

and Alicia didnt stop there. She added some this

and it looks in the front a little like this (hey look! my eyes match my streaks) :)  I LOVE it (although it will take some adjusting) It's completely different from what I had before and easy to take care of (which was the point) and hey, it's just hair IT'LL GROW....

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