Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Showing my Dark Side.....and then the side that is not so dark

I just fell in love AGAIN with kelly clarkson. I stumbled on her new album CD "Stronger" and at first it was "Breaking Your Own Heart", then it was "Stronger" and now it is "Dark Side" I just love.love.love... her.

I can't believe i am still awake, work is gonna be nuts tommorrow but what can you do. I just finished a paper on "Search and Seizure Practices" regarding vehicle search warrant exceptions (and yes it was as exciting as it sounds to write), but I am wired in a way that only writing about absolutely nothing of importance can cure. Oh and I have pics to post.

A few are new ones of the babies and the rest are from my trip to Florida withe Lindas. I will have to go into what a Linda is some other time :)I will say though that sometimes you have to fall apart in order to land right where you are supposed to be all along. If I hadnt made all those mistakes I wouldnt have made the decision to "go home". I wouldnt have fallen in love with my life all over again and appreciated my babies as much as I do.. appreciated my struggles and the fact that I did make it out on the other side stronger, wiser, braver...

and now here are the Linda's... Crazy that these girls have been in my life for almost 20 years. and yes, that Jellyfish is real :)

what i got to wake up and go to bed to...not too shabby huh?

This is vintage me. Everyone else is all dressed up in cute dresses suitable for the beach. me, camo long sleeve and uggs.... ugg!

they made me dress up that night

i was laying in bed when i took this, and it was that amazing every single time i opened my eyes.


I went to sleep and we were 10 hours from home in Mississippi.. I woke up and we were 12 hours away and near New Orleans so... of course we went to Bourbon Street.. i had to be at work at 9am the next morning so we only got to stay for an hour best.sidetracking ever though..

told you...JellyFish.....real....

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

for YOU.....

I write for many reasons. To vent, to release, to come to terms or put it into perspective...Sometimes I try to put it out into the unviverse and hope it might bring about change (even when I don't know how to make it change that doesnt mean I dont want it to be different)

I don't always know why I write..but I know why I am doing it now. I have private thoughts that maybe one day I can send, and I have learned over these past couple of years to keep some of my heart to myself. Maybe one day soon I can share it with you....

Words are like swords. They come out jumbled and out of context. They come out in torrents sometimes and at other moments they don't come out at all.. Let's see if I can get these words out now in a way that is clear and honest...
There are certain days that stick with us. We don't mean for them to and often times we just wish we could forget...I chose this day to write because of what I know it means to you..

on this day, which I know is one of your favs, I choose to use my words to tell you that I thought of you today. I hope for happy times with family and peace. I choose to believe that one day......

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