Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I got tired just writing this post

I saw this really neat idea and took it.....i disabled my comments.

i just don't want them. am sick of SOME of them. and just need a break and try to figure out some way to get back to me. to the joy of blogging, of sometimes sharing too much, of not being afraid to tell it and thus ignoring my blog.

it's lonely having to go it all alone. i once blogged so freely and openly and honestly. now i hide my head in the sand and plead whoa is me. I am afraid to check my facebook and myspace
AFRAID I SAY......what a wus i have become!!!

so now i want to get back to the sheer joy of blogging. of writing about MY life and doing it MY way. messing up and starting over each day counting my blessings and forgiving myself my faultss. LIfe is truly great right now.

where to begin? This weekend was pumpkin patch/Halloween costume time. Of course they screamed and ran around the pumpkin patch. Kaileigh tried to play punch the blow up crazy pumpkin, Isaiah was uncontrollable and Emory cried because we would not give her the FULLY LOADED wagon and she had to settle for the empty EXACTLY IDENTICAL wagon...we got the dang pumpkins though........and i went to pay $32 FOR SOME PUMPKINS???!!!?

are you kidding me? Don't they sell them at Wal-mart for like $3 a pumpkin? and why is that not as cool as the pumpkin patch?

ugh! the joys of being a single mom

So after the pumpkin fiasco we headed home. I broke out Isaiah's Scooby Doo costume and he wore it alllllllnight..... wonder how i am going to keep that clean for 5 more days. He sure is cute though.

Taco salad was a hit and before i knew it, it was benedryl, eer, bedtime.

now i can do 5 loads of laundry and write a 7 page paper, set out tommorrow's school clothes and take a shower...and then go to bed myself.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Not me Monday...the whiney edition

although i did have a grreeat weekend for the most part, i decided to do today's post a little differently. hopefully, i can air my grievances and then move the heck on with today....so here goes.

Once again, the whole idea is to kindof do a backwards post.....

This weekend i DID NOT finally tell off my soon to be ex-husband. After the ten text messages and five phone calls i said enough. i have been taking the approach of less is more. that silence is more powerful than my sharp words but come on. he is under the misconception that after 8 looonnnnggg months i am moving on too soon. and that my facebook,myspace, and blog writing is only meant to embaress him and his family (half of whom i have never met)
so....being the good blogger, what did i do? i blogged about it.

which leads me to this.....after reading said blog i DID NOT get two more very uneccesary and kindof offensive messages which i DID NOT ignore......well, after i read the first one i deleted without reading the second one. can't win for trying. Thought i was being pro-active and putting an end to a very stressful and frustrating situation but alas,

Today i DID NOT call my counselor and schedule an appointment. She is gonna love this new twist of an already delightful situation. She tells me all the time to feel the burn (she is under the impression that i am not dealing with my problems but rather trying to find something to numb what i feel).....hmmmm. now there is a thought.

This weekend is NOT UFC 104 and i am NOT going to spend some much needed fight night time with one of my besties :) very excited thank you very much.

oh wait, that was not whiney. i ran out of things to complain about. Now that i am done i think i will go and have myself a GREAT Monday..........

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Not me Monday

It's time to revisit Not me Monday....a good ol post that i was quite loyal to (until i fell in love with Friend Makin Mondays)

the concept is simple... like backwards day....things that make you say "no, not me" (wink wink,nudge nudge) if I could start the day over, this list is how my day DID NOT GO.....

Today i DID NOT wake up late, miss breakfast and have to endure Miley Cyrus (loudly accompanied by Emory and Isaiah) singing "Party in the USA" three times

Today i DID NOT forget to put on deoderant.......and i DID NOT do the secret armpit smell check randomly all day.....

Today i DID NOT lose my phone, and i really really DID NOT miss it one bit....

Today i DID NOT let the rug right at the front door of my store where i work get caught in the door and then not only DID I NOT fix it....but i DID NOT crack up watching people almost trip..i know right...why is that so funny to me??

Speaking of things i DID NOT do at work.....i most definately DID NOT take the little flashlight with the red laser on it and shine it on peoples forehead,chest and rear end.....and i was hiding so noone knew where it was coming from :)

Today i DID NOT forget that i was going to drink more water...well, maybe i did do that one. :)

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