Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello old friend

Has it really been since October 12, 2012 that last talked to you my faithful old friend? Thank you for not chastising me about it (cause trust me, momma has enough of that in all the other areas of her life) So much to update you on let's see if I can squeeze it all in.

Life on the homefront is sailing a tad bit more smoothly. After a 3 month stint of sleepless nights and pondering on how I chased this one away, he came back. I can really say in this case it was a 50/50 who done it. And the difference this time is that I was able to step back and not only say I realize we don't have to be perfect but that those imperfections are what I missed. And that even though we are not perfect we are worth it. So it's a little bit of this and little bit of that, and who knows, maybe all the cliches are true but I don't believe that deep down in my heart.....

The babies have me running ragged. Between Varsity Cheerleading duties, Emory's softball schedule, My Tball coaching responsiblities, church choir and the job I attempt to do justice to I honestly barely have time to go to the restroom (and forget about getting to do that alone) it seems I am constantly running.

and there has only been a time or two I have had to stop and remind myself this is the life I chose and would choose it all over again.

I will try to upload recent pictures tommorow when I have time...Maybe one of these days I will have something else to talk about other than my kids.....

but most likely not

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