Monday, October 01, 2012

White Diamonds

A few days before our road trip this cute picture popped up on my facebook wall


Jackie gets bored while Bryan is working nights so she sends me random pictures at all hours of the day and night..

Fast forward to Friday morning.  Each trip I take I have this obsession with taking a picture with the Big White Star symbolizing entry into the lone-star state. This trip was no exception.

  I couldn't talk her into actually getting up close and personal with the star but she did play peek a boo with the Texas sign. 

When I got there I got to hug my sweet birth mother's neck (hence the blog post title) I remember the first thing about her that really stuck with me was the way she smelled. I rushed out to buy some of the perfume when she left so I could keep a piece of her close to me. 

The next morning we went to cheer on these little guys soccer game

Elias (Mya as Isaiah calls him) and Gabriel (Beebow as Elias calls him) are buddies and best cousins. It is just precious to see them together, they truly love spending time with each other.

and they love their Gigi

My sister Nicole and I with my nephews

sweet sweet babies!!!

awesome band played Saturday night and I got some bestie/sister time. It was so much fun just being silly and carefree and having two of my most special people by my side being fun and silly with me...

Sunday time to leave and it's always bittersweet. Each trip makes me closer and closer to this family that I cherish and am falling in love with more and more the longer I get to see them. I have learned to process having two families and being able to love both of them without taking away from loving them the same. It's been a rocky and hard to explain road and if I have learned everything it's that patience, kindness, and understanding are virtues that you can only strive for when you give it all to God. I'm selfish and impatient and stubborn and my plan is not always HIS plan. 

I'll leave you with this picture...Cause I just love to look at it

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Maureen said...

The eyes have it......I love, Love , Love that we have found each other again....To God be the glory........ See you real soon.....Love you Mom